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If you have any questions concerning the usage or design of our product, you can contact support service. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions below.

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Questions and answers

Are there plans to launch any additional flavors?

Yes. We constantly develop our flavour range.

Are FUMMO products safe for consumption?

No product containing tobacco or liquid for e-cigarettes cannot be classified as safe. We recommend customers to find information on products containg nicotine liquids and decide, whether they should use them or not on their own. If you doubt, whether FUMMO products or other tobacco products are safe for your health, consult a specialist. Inhaling nicotine liquids, including FUMMO, can worsen existing respiratory diseases. If you do not use nicotine products at the moment, we do not recommend you to start it. However, if you smoke and search for an electronic device, which would let you feel the same sensation as conventional cigarettes, FUMMO can be exactly what you need.
FUMMO products are equipped with several safety precautions, including a high-tech control system, which maintains an optimal temperature for vapourization, eliminating the risk of fire and smoke. We strive to keep the highest quality of our products and provide only the best technologies in the field of electronic devices. Our engineers ensure that every component of our product fully complies with international quality and safety standards, all our devices are ESMA approved. Besides, FUMMO's liquids and their vapour are examined additionally in independant laboratories. FUMMO closely follows changes in legal acts concerning liquids for electronic devices and provides compliance with quality standards.

How to become FUMMO's partner?

Fill out the necessary information in the "For Distributors" section, and we will contact you.

What is the minimum age required to purchase FUMMO products?

To purchase FUMMO's products you must be at least 18 years old.

Can I recharge my depleted FUMMO devices?

FUMMO BRAVO is a rechargeable disposable model with USB-C type connector.
FUMMO Target and FUMMO Crystal+ are one time use disposable vapes.

What is the best way to inhale FUMMO's vapors?

Inhaling lightly is recommended. The device will release the optimal amount of steam , and allow you to feel the "strength" of nicotine sufficiently.

Are there any third party certificates that can confirm the quality of FUMMO products?

Yes. FUMMO's products are certified by independent accredited laboratories. You can find more information in the "Responsibility" section on our website.

Where are FUMMO products manufactured?

The plant is located in Shenzhen, China, however, a team of Japanese professionals developed the design and technical component of the device.

Are there any plans to launch new FUMMO devices?

At the current stage FUMMO's line is fully equipped. Nevertheless, FUMMO's team is constantly searching for fresh and innovative solutions, so a new device is likely to appear soon.