About Brand

About Brand

Top leading International
e-cigarette brand

Fummo is certified free for commercial use, resolute, and designed to fit all lifestyles by providing Top Premium e-cigarettes designed to satisfy the needs of our consumers.Innovative technologically manufactured, efficient function, elite liquid, powered by one of the best heating systems coupled with premium tasting.

We choose and test hundreds of flavours of e-cigarettes, selecting only exclusive ones for you.

Our mission

We provide the safest alternative to smoking,
creating the future free of harmful smoke.

Our strategy is about anticipating and aiming to satisfy the needs of our consumer: providing pleasure and offering an increasing choice of our product lines worldwide.

The innovative "cigarette puff" recreates the sensation of smoking, and nicotine helps to overcome physical addiction at the first stage.

FUMMO wants its products to be as convenient and easy in use as possible, therefore it cannot waive the concept of single-use disposal.

However, every device contains lithium-ion batteries, so they cannot be thrown away along with household waste, and we insist on returning used devices to battery utilization points.


FUMMO is a Leading International E-cigarette brand.
A product with an exclusive quality check presented with a ubiquitous variety of vape flavours.

Fummo has made the great success with its e-cigarette technology research and development-centric as well as focusing on brand construction and operation, sale channels development and management and continuous innovation.